Friday, 6 March 2009

Final Cut Morana opening

Our final cut of the film Morana.
The video has been succesful and the end we feel is especially effective as the growling comes in just as the main character finishes speaking, revealing her name without actually saying it.

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We've made adjustments to our script for the voiceover in light of our decision of the title being the lead female's name. We've decided that in order to show the audience this is her name from the beginning the last thing she says, after the fight and right before the title will be "I know who i am". The rest of the script will have only minor adjustments and will be as follows:

EXT. Playground
(Girl,, sitting alone)

Voice over:
What am i?
(gap of silence)
Why am I here?
(gap of silence)
What's going on?

the fight scene will then begin, and as she walks away the last line of the voiceover will be:
"i know who i am"

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Thursday, 5 March 2009

screen shots

These are some screen shots we have taken during our last two lessons of editing.

This screen grab shows the shot of blood dripping, we haven't altered this alot but we did alter the brightness and contrast slightly to make it seem more like duck and to make the blood effect look more realistic.

This shot is from just after she has killed the attacker and the camera pans up slowly, as you can see in comparison to our roughcut the shot is alot darker. We altered the brightness and contrast and desaturated it to make it darker, the colours more simple and dark and also its given a shadow to her face that fits well with the supernatural genre and the mystery of our character.

This screen grab shows the attackers landing, we used the same editing techniques as the above, and also cut this with another shot of him rising from his landing. The timings to make it smoother was something that took alot of time as we wanted it to look like one smooth movement- this fits with our image of the supernatural characters as having fluid and graceful movements.

This shows the swing shot and also the effects we applied to it, we used mostly the same effects on all the shots (brightness and contrast and desaturation) but we had to do each individually due to each having different levels of light, and different colours.

This shows the majority of our timeline, we've kept the diagetic sound as it gives added effect and gives emphasis when the music does come in despite our soundtracks simplistic nature.

These two shots are an example of all the editing aspects as one, they show what we altered on the specific clips, what elements made up our final piece and also our timeline.

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Monday, 2 March 2009

Rough cut

This is the piece so far. the whole thing sounded too quiet so we added a simple bit of music. The Animal sound at the end I think is effective in showing something about the character, it implies that she has animalistic characteristics. The flashes at the end also help to give more drama to the opening.

For the final cut all we have left to do is:
add a voice over
Put in the ident
Clean it up/add effects
and possibly film a bit more footage as our piece may be a tad short. (1:20 min without ident)

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Friday, 13 February 2009


We have looked on the website '20,000 names' as research for the name of our main character that would also be the film name. These were the names that worked well and they're meaning.

Valeria - Hungarian - Strong
Alodia - Visigothic - Foreign, Truth
Morana - Slavic - Death, goddess of death and winter
Leilah - Arabic/Hebrew - Dark, Night, Dark oriental beauty
Nereza - Italian - Darkness

We decided that the name Morana would work well as a film title as well as the characters nam and also has stronger connotations with death and mythology, naming the character after a goddess makes her seem stronger, and also shows a good side to her.

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Effects on Test Footage

I have tested different effects on our test footage to see which looks best. I have used such things as red filters and blurring black and white. I think that when the best effects are added in the right place it usually makes it better as it adds atmosphere and suspense which is good as that is what we are trying to achieve in our super natural thriller.


Thursday, 12 February 2009

Test Footage

In this test footage we practiced using 'weapons', which we may use in our final project. We have identified that it is amateur footage, but we intend to add effects using certain programs. For example we will probably make it dark by using a night effect. Darkness would add to the atmosphere and will be looking for a dark effect when we come to do are final project.


PRODUCTION: ..............

CALL SHEET - 12/02/09

Director: Vonnie Pigott Producer: Cat Hughes

Unit Base:
Long road sixth form college, CB2 8PX

1) Alexander gardens, Carlyle road, Cambridge, East Anglia

Location Contacts:
1) Vonnie Pigott - 00000 000 000

Director: Vonnie pigott - 00000 000 000
Producer: Cat Hughes - 00000 000 001
Camera: Cat Hughes - 00000 000 001
Associate producer: Andy Jones - 00000 000 002 & Robbie French - 00000 000 004

TIME.......... LOCATION.......... SCENE.......................... EXT/INT........ CAST
1700........... Loc 1................... Opening fight scene....... EXT.............. Sheridan rankin

NAME.................... AGENT.......... CHARATER/ROLE........... CALL TIME
Sheridan rankin..... N/A................ Main Female lead............. 1700
.............................. N/A................ Attacker............................. 1700

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Sound Script

Our film requires minimal dialogue and sound in general but the bits it uses are intended to have more of an impact because of this.

EXT. Playground
(Girl, un-named, sitting alone)

Voice over:
Why am I here?
(gap of silence)
How did I get here?
(gap of silence)
What's going on?

(Rustling noises, fast movement as attacker comes out, some sound effects added to fight, girl stabs attacker, everything is silent. Thud of body hitting ground, loud footsteps as girl walks away. Black screen)

Voice over:
What am I?

All the questions imply a vulnerability to the character but the fight scene shows she is not. This shows that the character reflects human qualities in that she is strong but she still has her doubts and questions as all people do, this helps the audience identify with her.
The question 'What am I?' also implies that the character is somewhat scared of herself as people are naturally scared of what they don't know or understand. Her demeanor seems solid and unflinching but the voice over shows that it is just a front.
The sounds are strong and have more of an impact as most of the scene is quite silent.

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Risk Assesment

Risk assesment:

Hazard: Sitting on a climbing frame
What could cause harm?
Could fall off
What is the likelihood of this happening?
Unlikely, The frame isn't very high up
Who or what would be harmed?
The person could hurt themselves
How much harm?
Minimal, some scratches
Applying the following priorities, how will this risk be managed?
(3) Isolate. (4) Control

2. Hazard: Weapons

What could cause harm?
Baseball bat, Fake knife, accidently hit, overly hard
What is the likelihood of this happening?
Who or what would be harmed?
Person could be hurt badly
How much harm?
dependant, could be serious if someone hits too hard.
Applying the following priorities, how will this risk be managed?
(4) Control. (5) Personal protective equipment

Filming on climbing frame
What could cause harm?
Unstable place to film, could fall
What is the likelihood of this happening?
Possible, unlikely
Who or what would be harmed?
Camera, equipment
How much harm?
It could break.
Applying the following priorities, how will this risk be managed?
(2) Reduce or substitute. (4) Control.

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Monday, 9 February 2009

Underworld analysis

We've already looked at Blade and What lies Beneath, but as Underworld has become our main inspiration, analysing a sequence of it will aid our piece.Particularly as it is the same genre, to the extent of also featuring a strong female lead.

(analysed the first seven minutes)

  • Dusk/ night time, weather is stormy, its raining, and theres lightning and thunder. All these have connotations of something dark, mysterious and bad
  • The voice over by the female lead shows her vulnerability as well as her power and hints at the plot by questioning the certainty of her future and mentioning war
  • The dramatic jump from the large gothic building, shows her strength and power, and also a graceful almost cat-like quality to her, conventional characteristic of vampires
  • She is wearing an all black costume, including the conventional long black leather coat
  • Effects are used on the supernatural characters eyes, the different effects show us they are different, more animalistic, and also shows us the difference between them
  • The Vampires are shown as fast moving and graceful with an almost feline quality, whereas the werewolves(or Lykens) are shown as more muscular, with slower, but dtronger seeming movements. They appear more dog like, which furthur represents the conflict between them and is also conventional
  • The main character (Kate Beckinsale) has concealed weapons, as does her accomplise, whereas the attackers have larger, more intimidating weapons, clearly modified, these also tell us that we are dealing with supernatural characters and their war. The weapons also tell us that the vampires seem to have slightly more consideration for the public, as it is the Lykens that begin the conflict. This further emphasises the slightly more human traits of the vampires in comparison to the werewolves more animalistic and instinctual approach
  • The Vampires also stand out to the audience due to their conventionally pale skin and dark hair, the contrast of which makes her complexion more obvious and striking. The vampires also have a tendency to have more slender figures.
  • The werewolves stand out due to the convention of them being tall and of a muscular build- a reflectin of characteristics they have in their wolf form.
  • Like in Blade, flickering lighting is used, when the shots are outside this is due to weather, and at first helps and mystery by leaving her appearance less known.
  • The shots are dark and shadowed, leaving parts of buildings in darkness, it also reflects the lives of many of the characters, who have spent centuries living their lives in the shadows so as not to be hunted themselves
  • Throughout all the shots the main colours seen are dark, for the most part blacks, blues and greys, this reflects the darker side of the characters and the deaths etc that are included within a supernatural plot
  • An element of voyeurism is brought in, as the first shots show the two vampires watching the streets, searching for their enemies and tracking their movements. The shot also encourages the audience to side with these characters, even though they are also supernatural, and shows the vampires as superior, as we see them looking down on the werewolves and humans
  • The animalistic tendencies of the supernatural, , in their heightened senses(another common convention) the most obvious example of this being when the lead female signals to her accomplise across a great distance.
  • The sound begins as just the voiceover and weather, but as the tension of the scene builds and we begin to anticipate a chase, and even sooner her jump, music builds up to reflect the tension. After her landing its pace and volume indicates they are following, getting closer- and perhaps even being hunted themselves
  • Even as characters enter a subway, which is reasonably well lit, the colours remain dark to continue with the connotations of the genre
  • During the fight, to return to the mystery and excitement, the lights in the subway diminishes as lights begin to flicker, and some go out completely
  • The shot of the female lead shooting two guns and advancin rapidly and confidently shows her power and courage, it also makes the audience look up to her in awe, the camera looks up to her
  • She remains graceful throughout the fight, emphasised with shots of her slowed down, or showing the movement of her coat, and she also demonstrates aility and speed- particularly in the chase through the carriage, whereas the werewolf pushes throuh roughly and with loud, thudding footsteps and slower movements- again showing the werewolves as more animalistic


Equipment list

For our supernatural thriller filming we will need the following equipment:

  1. Video Camera
  2. Tripod
  3. Lighting equipment(this is not definite but we may use it for effects like those used in the Blade sequence we analysed, and to create a better silhouetted effect when she defeats her attacker)


Props and furthur costumes

The props for our sequence are minimal, and will most likely consist of just the two weapons the characters have. We are currently thinking we would like to use a larger,more intimidating weapon-such as a sword for the attacker- and a small,easily concealed weapon for the main character. This is because if her weapon isn't intimidating on it's own where her attackers is the embodiment of strength and power, when she easily defeats him it will show her true strength and superiority. Our choice of weapons will aid us in showing our main female character as powerful.

The costume for our characters will be strongly influenced by films like Underworld and Blade, particularly our main characters. Our female lead's outfit will be all dark, most likely completely black, with a long black coat over top- a common feature of supernatural thrillers.This image of Kate Beckinsale in Underworld is very similar to the outfit we want for our lead, and was a strong inspiration.

For the attacker we want an outfit that has similarities(particularly in the dark colours of his clothing) but also shows that he is not the character we should identify with. We plan to do this by having him wear something hooded, that covers the majority of his face and leaves his identity hidden and secretive-- perhaps something that could be later revealed in the plot.

We also plan to use make up to add to the supernatural feel, and show that the characters are more than human.We are going to make the faces very pale, but use purple around their eyes in a style very similar to Tim Burtons.

We are also considering the use of contacts-possibly cat eyes- something that is conventional in supernatural films as a way of portraying the animal like qualities of many supernatural characters.


Positives and Areas for improvement on our blog

  • Good planning, clear ideas and i know what their piece will look like
  • Very descriptive and informative. Best blog in the class
  • Detailed shot list
  • Lots of detailed film notes
  • Amazing animatic
  • Good location research
  • Good film analysis
Areas for improvement:
  • Pictures of costumes and visual ideas
  • No call sheet
  • Needs more pictures
  • Seen as it is a genre very specific more imagery would help eg. costumes
  • Maybe some images in the costume blog
  • Maybe more images on the costume post

We will respond to this feedback by trying to add images to the blogs that require it- particularly costumes as this was mentioned several times.We will also add a call sheet and a risk assessment to our blog, as not only was this listed as an area for improvement it also reflects professional practice.
However in comparison to our thriller blogs we can see a vast improvement through the positive comments.Overall this blog has left us more prepared for filming then we were last time, this will hopefully aid us in regaining the time lost due to weather conditions.

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Thursday, 5 February 2009


Some photos of the possible location for the film opening. We decided on a childrens park and this is one that happens to be close to my (Vonnie's) house. There is one other close to my house but it doesn't have the same effective elements to it. (alexander gardens)

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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Shot List

  1. Establishing shot of the Children's park
  2. Close up of a swing (moving back and forward slightly)
  3. Close up of roundabout (also slight movement?)
  4. High angle long shot of character sitting (shows character's strength/superiority)
  5. Mid shot of character through ropes
  6. Close up of character's face (expression is thoughtful)
  7. Point of View shot of surroundings (rustling sound in background)
  8. Extreme close up of character's eye
  9. Mid shot of character with attacker behind her
  10. Close up of character's side/hand,showing she is preparing to jump
  11. Medium-long shot of character jumping
  12. Close up of her foot landing
  13. Mid shot of attacker, jumping after main character
  14. Mid shot of main character and her attacker
  15. Close up of main character's hand reaching for and taking a small,concealed weapon
  16. Close up of attacker's hand and weapon (probably larger,more powerful looking), ready to strike
  17. Close up of long coat moving, as main character spins around to face attacker
  18. Medium long shot of character killing attacker (silhouetted)
  19. Close up of attacker's face-pained expression
  20. Close up of blood dripping onto the ground
  21. Close up of main character's feet and attacker falling in front of them
  22. Mid shot of attacker's body and blood
  23. High angle shot of main character, slowly panning up (possibly stopping below her face or eyes)
  24. Close up of main character's face (almost like a still,little or no movement)
  25. Mid shot of main character turning away
  26. Medium long shot of attacker on ground(camera stays focused on this) and the main character leaving the park(walking towards camera,then out of sight)

Shots one to eight will have a long duration, the middle shots will then be very fast paced, until shot eighteen, where the shot duration will lengthen again.

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Friday, 30 January 2009


For our project we are looking at dark, long coats, and maybe leather as our costumes representing the image of a vampire.
In this image we find leather as they costume which works well as it is dark black and also could be seen as mysterious and violent. This also is a film which represents a strong female lead, which is one of the key elements of our project.

In this image we have a vampire in a long dark coat, which can be seen as a typical stereotype of a superhero or the supernatural.


Feedback from our pitch
  • It's an original idea
  • Lighting is key to the productions success(could do research into lighting techniques and effects)
  • Would benefit to look at a range of examples of strong female characters-possibly include other genres-to see how they are shown as strong and powerful
  • well thought out idea
  • Good that we have looked at micro elements like lighting,costume,make-up etc

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The sound at the moment is quite rough, just some simple rain sound, there will be more real sounds effects in the final piece.
there were some panning shots, and most of the scene goes quite slowly where as the middle is quite quick. We haven't decided on a title yet so at the moment it just says 'Title' at the end.

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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Location info.

The examples below of the of the 3 locations show the sort of thing that we are looking at in terms of lighting and surroundings. Although we are setting our film opening in a children's play ground to be different and and more scary we have still been able to take inspiration from these photos. These locations shown in the photos could all make great locations for a supernatural thriller. I personally think that the second photo with the deep red lighting in the background of the trees is very affective as red is a great colour to have in a film such as the one we are making because red is the colour of blood, murder and death. We picked these images as there is great examples of the sort of lighting that could be used. There is great contrast in all of these photos. There is also a black and white image with is an option that could be used. However we are going to use colour.


Friday, 23 January 2009

Mood board

Mood board.
We collected some images that relate to different shots we could have, such as the drops of blood or the scene from blade (top right corner)
The picture of beetle juice is an example of the kind of makeup that could be used.
Since underworld is a big inspiration there are a few of Kate Beckinsale.
The eye is an example of how to make a character seem more supernatural.
The pictures of the sky are examples of the time of day or lighting that would be good.

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For our project we are looking at locations such as:

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Synopsis of opening

For our opening we are taking the idea of vampires/monsters. The inspiration came from blade and underworld, Underworld particularily because it has a strong female lead.

The scene starts with a girl sitting alone (location is not yet decided) A voice over is heard of her asking some sort of cryptic question (E.G why am I here? Who am I? etc) Something that would be revealed later in the film. Wherever we film it, it should be outside, and try to do it when it's raining, hopefully around dusk.
As the girl is sitting alone there is the sound of rustling. This is when the scene starts to speed up as a vampire/monster of some kind appears behind her ready to kill but the woman is much faster and kills him first. This death can be shown by the reactions and some blood (red ink) dripping to the ground. The scene then begins to slow down again and the girl is seen walking/running away with the voice over going again with the same question cryptic question as before.

Any music used in the scene will be quiet and subtle, something to slowly build tension.

Location possibilties:
A garden
A childrens park (eery, cool and do-able)
A Green (parkers piece for example)

of these A childrens park is the best idea, it is creepy and would work really well, there are public childrens parks everywhere and if it is raining they will be empty.

The girl in sequence is implied to be supernatural in some ways, we may get our actor to wear special contact lenses to show this.
Titles could appear at the end of this sequence, just the title of the film though, not actors or anything.
A way to make the monster more creepy is to not fully reveal it's face, they may also have to wear make up. Make up would be very pale skin and shadowed eyes the way Tim Burton does a lot of his characters.
Doing the scene at dusk will make the lighting seem odd but we can always bring some lighting equipment to make it more visible.

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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Blade opening scene

Opening sequence to blade.
Alot of the scene has flashing in the style of a dance club, this represents the confusion and unawareness of the one human in the sequence, it also makes the scene have a more surreal feel as it makes the movement of the people look strange and almost skippy.
Despite the flashing lights the scene is still quite dark, being mainly dark grays, blues and black. This is what makes the blood falling from the ceiling more dramatic as the bright red contrasts with all the dark colors. When the characters are splattered with blood this represents their transformation from the seemingly normal to the horrifying monsters, as they were dark and bland before but they are then bright red. The colors of the characters also help make the human stand out from the vampires as he is wearing more colorful clothes, he also dances and acts very out of place.
The sounds that the vampires make sounds like a cat hissing, this helps show them to be more animalistic and feral.
When Blade actually comes in the fast movement of the scene slows down and the shots become longer. The shots also avoid revealing the character of blade to the audience for a while, the way he is revealed is effective as you see him through the vampires moving out of the way. Again the colors that the characters wear shows Blades contrast with the other vampires.
During the fight the camera movement and shot duration speed up, the music also speeds up. The effects used to show the vampires death is effective, the way they fall into dust shows how easily Blade can destroy them.

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What lies beneath opening sequence

'What lies beneath' is again a very typical supernatural thriller as it goes along with all the usual techniques used when making supernatural thriller films. Again we find that the light is very dark and that the music used is very tense and is put there to raise the suspense. Also we find out a bit about the film by the way that the titles have been done because we find out that there is a water theme and it goes on to confirm this in the first shot is of the main female character is in the bath and then going on to dry the condensation on the window. Also when the title of the film appears (What lies beneath) this again done in the style of water. The main colours in the title are black or a very dark blue. Not only keeping to the supernatural thriller rules but also adding to the water theme. The music is very typical with the use of slow piano with high pitch noises to add tension and put the viewer on the edge of there seats. We start to hear voice and begin to work out that we are going thought a very dark and creepy lake the music get faster and the shot camera starts to go quicker. We then see a face in the lake and this moulds in to the face of a women laying in the bath. This straight away reveals the main character. The way they have done this is very jumpy which is a technique used all the time in supernatural thrillers. From a close up of her face it then goes to a long shot of the floor with a very slow zoom this is a great shot to show the surroundings and it looks very misty and gray adding to the darkness and therefore making it that bit more tension and suspense.


Analysis of signs opening scene

It starts of in a very typical super natural thriller way. For example it has very tense music to start off and build up the suspense and tension. It also is very dark not only when the titles are coming up but also the first few shots. This also starts of with a film companies logo which is what we have started our film opening with. In a few of the very opening shots there is silence which has been put there to add even more suspence and with the darkness and shots of nothing it makes the audience be on the edge of there seats which is one of the main purposes of a super natual thriller.


Monday, 19 January 2009

Film notes

Once upon a time in the west.
1968 Sergio Leone
How atmosphere is created in the sequence.
  • Creaking door, Long slow drawn out sound
  • Slow camera movement
  • Slow stepping noise, all the slowness builds up tension as the audience is waiting for something to happen.
  • Focuses on smaller element, like the fly around the mans head.
  • The main characters don't say anything, this makes them seem more menacing.
  • Constant squeaking of the windmill in the background, lots of whistling and creaking sounds.
  • Isolation, the area is desolate and the characters all stay far away from one another.
  • The shot last a long while but have sudden breaks when something fast and unexpected happens, like catching the fly in the gun.
  • The pace of the titles matches the pace of the sequence, the titles move with the characters.
  • Everything that you know about the characters comes their actions while they're waiting, like one of the men cracking his knuckles and another collecting water in his hat.
Catch me if you can
What information the sequence gives about the film to follow.
  • Shows a plane, implies alot of travel.
  • Alot of women appear in the sequence, all glamorous. When the women first appear in the sequence the music changes slightly to something more suave and like lounge music.
  • Very simple colour. Each scene has black and one other colour. The colour changes represent the different season (light blues for winter, orangey yellow for summer etc.) This implies that the film spans over a long period of time.
  • All the women in the opening show the main character to be a womanizer, as he is in an elevator with a woman and seems about to kiss her.
  • There is constant movement of one character in the whole thing where most of whats around them stays still.
  • One of the characters stays the same but the other keeps changing outfits,implying deception.
  • The character who is changing is followed by the other constant character,showing a long chase,it shows them at different distances implying that at times he is close to being caught but has so far managed to keep running
  • Titles reflect movements of the images
Rat catcher
Social realism, 1999, Lynne Ramsay
  • Slow movement, slightly skippy, No music builds tension in finding out what is inside the spinning cloth.
  • Voyeurism, the boy is watching another boy playing outside. He is watching other children play instead of playing himself.
  • Lower/middle class.
  • Dark grey lighting, natural grey skies, depressing british weather.
  • Slightly sinister side, as at the beginning it seems as if the person is hanging, this shows the surrealist side to th film.
Killer of sheep
1977 Charles burnett
  • Strange old fashion style music.
  • The father can't be seen on screen for a while, close up of the boy, he shows no emotion and no change in his emotion throughout the scene.
  • Still no change in emotion even when the boy gets slapped.
  • Black and white
  • The music is mainly in title parts, ost of the filmed parts are diagetic.
  • Documentary style, people even look at the camera, also the changes from shot types,and the way you feel like you're just observing.
  • Sound is also documentary style, as the volume of the people's voices is determined by how close to the camera they are
American splendor
2004 Stari Springerberman
  • Comics sans-esque typeface, the sort of text that is used for comic books, looks almost hand drawn.
  • The film is narrated like a comic with text in the corner in a small box.
  • The opening is done with comic panels to show the different shots.
  • The shots switch from drawing to film shows.
  • The main character starts narrating his life.
  • The camera follows the comic strip as if you're reading it
  • Drama with elements of comedy

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Friday, 16 January 2009

5 genres

1. A supernatural thriller with a strong female lead:
  • Has the tension of a regular thriller with basic horror elements such as; Ghosts, occult, phsycic, phenomenon etc..
  • Is often less graphic than the horror genre
  • The protaganists are often battling against a malevolent paranormal force. The protaganists themselves are often normal people.
  • Always lots of suspense and quite surreal.
Conventions: Dark lighting, Transitions from fast to slow shots, High pitched music, Very slow music that speeds up as the scene reaches a climax.

2. Social realism drama
  • Based around real life and all it's difficulty, most often the working class types.
  • very natural lighting
  • Handheld camera is common, gives a documentary feel to it to add to the idea of 'realism'
  • Conflict is another common element, the drama is created through this conflict
  • Is sometimes centered around a more domestic environment.
Examples: This is england

3. Adventure (young audience)
  • Comedy based, Fantasy based
  • Adventure films are usually aimed at a family rather than just the young audience as children would go with parents to a cinema.
  • The characters are usually looking for something or looking to restore something as part of the basic plot.
  • Usually involves alot of special effects and CGI if it isn't animated.
  • Unrecognisable locations, fantasy or wonderland type places
Examples: Narnia, 5 children and it, harry potter, Zathura, nimhs island

4. Teenage romantic comedy
  • A humourus movie about a love story that always end happily
  • Teenage characters are divided into groups or cliques
  • The audience is meant to identify with the unpopular characters, one of whom is usually the main character, and is often meant to dislike the popular girls who are percieved to be mean or arrogant.
  • The popular male character is quite often the love interest, a jock/prom king he is attractive etc...
  • The narrative will often involve a party where conflict will be a focus (a fight at the party)
  • The story will be about the coming together of two characters whom need to overcome some sort of social boundary.
  • The resolution will come about through the uniting of the main characters, either romantically or through a friendship.
Examples: 16 candles, She's all that, Mean girls

5. Crime caper
  • Usually, if not always, male characters in the group
  • The main characters are organising a crime, often large scale theft.
  • Light hearted and slightly comical.
  • The idea of crime is glamourised as they use conventially attractive characters, they're also smartly dressed and sophisticated.
  • Usually has a well known cast, the most famous star is often the leader, the one who gets the most screen time.
  • Finally, they almost always get away with the crime.
Examples: Oceans 11, The itallian job, a fish called wonda

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We had to create an ident for our group's film company to go at the begining of our sequence and then animate it on final cut.
Our film company was called Poizen apple. We took an image of an apple, soe skulls and a table and incorporated them together on photoshop (shown below) decided on a font and then drew in some blood underneath the apple.

By creating a small dot of red on a separate layer we transformed it so it looked like the blood was dripping down the side of the table. We also took a sound of dripping water from the internet and slowed it down to give the effective dripping noise.

The final ident:

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In our group we have: Cat, Vonnie, Robbie, Andy

The project is to create a film opening in one of five different genres. The choices are:
1-A supernatural thriller with a strong female lead.
2. A British social realist drama.
3. An adventure story for younger audiences.
4. A teenage romantic comedy.
5. A crime caper with an ensemble cast.

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Friday, 28 November 2008